Sachtler Cine 2000 Heavy-Duty Baby legs

Legs / Grip


  • Range: Cine
  • Payload: 0-50 kg
  • Bowl Size: 150 mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Transport Length: 37.5 cm
  • Tripod Stages: 1
  • Height Range With Ground Spreader: 17 cm to 43 cm
  • Weight Without Spreader: 5.9 kg

The Sachtler Cine 2000 Short Heavy-Duty Tripod Legs are built to help you work in complete confidence at a height range of 17 – 43 cm. The aluminum design and large spikes gives you a solid foundation to work on in any environment, so that you can focus on getting the best shot possible.

Once you have found the perfect shooting position, fast-action clamps and scales allow you to level in a matter of seconds. The 150 mm bowl base means that you can use the majority of popular cine/EFP fluid heads so that you can work in the way that brings out your best. The hinge lock adjustment helps to prevent any unwanted friction between the tripod bowl and legs, meaning that all your gear continues to operate at its highest level for longer.

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