Canon EOS C300 MK II

Cameras / Super-35 Cameras


Sensor: Super 35 Canon CMOS
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Weight: 2kg (body only)
Latitude: 15 stops
Recording formats: ?
Recording Media: CFast 2.0
Mount: EF / PL

The Canon EOS 300 Mark II is the more compact 4k older sibling to the hugely popular EOS 300 camera, with an EF mount and super 35 sensor with dual pixel technology.

With the incredible maximum ISO of 102,400 and built-in NDs, late night shoots are as beautifully manageable as day shoots. As well as being smaller and more durable than the EOS 300 Mark I, the EOS 300 Mark II also has new gamma curve, codex, and RAW options.

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