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Tamara Stubbs


Tamara Stubbs has been professionally recording sound since 2002 and operating drones since 2015.  She has worked in a range of challenging environments including dressed in full PPE in Chernobyl, and West Africa for a month during the Ebola outbreak, and in the frozen polar regions.
She has mic-ed up contestants running the Tough Mudder, climbers, surgeons, insurgents, parachutists, presidents and royalty amongst the many contributors.
Whilst her speciality has been Science and Factual documentary she has also enjoyed working on many other assignments including: on the road cooking programmes, expert lead business troubleshooting shows, undercover filming, travel, comedy, commercials, and wildlife documentaries.
Tamara’s work has taken her to both sea, Polar regions, into centrifuges, hadron colliders, operating theatres, up mountains, into treetops, camel beauty contests, cattle camps in South Sudan, middle eastern wedding parties, Brazilian favelas, high security labs, super yachts, army bases, into rainy seasons, along bumpy dirt track roads, camping with the Bedouin, and into the ‘poo lab’ with Michael Mosley amongst many other locations.
She is confident in small teams and larger multi-camera shoots, as well as supporting self-shooters
Experienced in underwater recordings, stereo and surround sound, she likes to push a bit of extra creativity out there where possible.

Tamara is a widely published stills photographer
A CAA registered drone operator and owner, qualified to fly drones Europe-wide. she is fully insured up to £5Million
Clean driving licence
UK and Australian passport holder
Up-to-date with immunisations for world wide travel
Fully vaccinated for Covid
HEFAT (Hostile Environment and First Aid) trained (2008 / 2011 Tor International) First Aid refresher Nov 2021
Wilderness medical training inc. First Aid (2011/2018)
She is BBC trained and has studied advanced Wildlife Sound Recording with Chris Watson
Competent on skis, off road driving and horses should the need arise
Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society and Member of the Association of Photographers
Always ready for an adventure and to meet new people and cultures.

Download CV https://filmsat59.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/TAMARA-STUBBS-CV-Nov23.pdf