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Rich Whitley


Sound Recordist on the BAFTA Award Winning series DEADLY 60

Rich is a creative and confident, BBC trained Location Sound Recordist with over 22 years experience. He has worked on a range of genres including news, documentary, and drama, format shows, music videos and live outside broadcasts, and regularly contributes editorially to the programmes he works on.  His effort to forge relationships with the contributors is a major asset.

Rich hase worked extensively in the UK and abroad – from Australia to Peru, Argentina to The Arctic, as well as jungle and desert terrain.

He considers himself to be a flexible and positive addition to the production team.

Rich holds a 5 year USA I visa.

EQUIPMENT (standard)

  • Sound Devices 664 Multi-track recorder
  • Zaxcom wireless radio link to camera
  • Sound Devices 4-channel mixer
  • 6 x Radio Mics (Diversity)
  • Mini monitor mounted on mixer for use by director/cameraman
  • 2 x stereo/ mono rifle Mic with boom
  • Waterproof Housing for Radio Mics
  • Booster Aerials
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Headphone amplifier for multi- monitoring with 4 headphones
  • Various personal mics, which can be hidden well
  • A huge range of extra accessories to suit each job
  • Crew 4×4 car