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Guillermo Armero ‘Geesh’


Guillermo Armero, also known as Geesh, was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. He is a skilled freelance Camera Operator/Second Camera and Drone Pilot who has worked on a wide range of projects related to adventure, wildlife, science, arts, and history.

With a strong technical background gained from his experience in hire companies, Geesh is an excellent choice for highly technical shoots. He is proficient in using gimbals, jibs, dollies/sliders, motion control systems (Kessler CineShooter with kOS systems) or stabilization systems (Cineflex trained) amongst other camera systems.

Geesh is available to work worldwide, including the UK, and his proficiency in Spanish has allowed him to take on numerous projects in Spain and South America.

He owns and operates a full range of equipment, including a DJI Inspire 2, Phantom 4 PRO, Sony A7SIII, and sound kit.

Geesh’s personal website provides full details of his credits and examples of his work.


Mark Whatmore – Yoho Media Director:

“Guillermo is an asset to any team; he has a great range of skills and experience, a great approach and a great eye! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Adrian Seymour – Plimsoll Producer:

“Geesh has worked with me on several occasions, most recently on an important Netflix project shooting a nocturnal wildlife sequence. It’s always a pleasure working with Geesh- not only has he got a good eye, he is very collaborative and is a pleasure to work with.”

Lesley Le-Pine – Associate LD Projects at the NHS:

“Just wanted to thank you for connecting me up with Geesh to make the video with the autistic service users.
Geesh has been amazing to work with.  Diligent, conscientious, sensitive and so professional.  The quality and sound of the video is absolutely top notch.  Our service users loved working with him and he has captured their stories perfectly with dignity and powerful content. Can’t praise Geesh highly enough”

Visit www.geesharmero.com <http://www.geesharmero.com/> for more information.