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Andy Hawley


I am a location sound recordist with 16 years experience in many genres of television, including natural history, science, medicine, documentary and observational documentary, cookery, education, religion, light entertainment, news and current affairs. This has naturally led to extensive travel. I have worked in over 30 countries around the world in a variety of conditions, from the searing heat of the deserts of Tunisia and Namibia to the frozen wastes of Antarctica and Canada’s Northern Territories.

I have had lots of multi camera experience e.g. Big Cat Live/Week (the latter of which gained a BAFTA craft award nomination for best sound factual) and four Gary Rhodes cookery series. The majority of my work has been on single camera science and natural history documentary units, where I thoroughly enjoy working as part of a close team, contributing to the program content when appropriate. I pride myself on my people skills, putting contributors at ease quickly, and can be relied upon to be understanding when the subject matter is of a sensitive nature.

When I’m not joined at the hip to a cameraman I enjoy recording clean wild tracks and spot effects. I have a four channel hard drive recorder in my kit bag, and I am very happy to spend a few hours or days on my own, building up an audio picture of the environment I am working in.

I like to offer the camera operator as much physical help as I can, be that in the form of lighting and rigging, or track and crane construction. I am also a capable camera operator, and have taken over the role on foreign shoots when the need has arisen. Being a keen photographer I have contributed time lapse photography and publicity stills to several shoots. For ‘Fossil Detectives’, a recent BBC/Open University production for BBC2 and BBC4, I also contributed extensively to the list of published images in the book to accompany the series.