Sony Venice 6K

Cameras / Full Frame Cinema Cameras

The Sony Venice 6K is a full-frame digital camera with phenomenal colour science and creative versatility and is equipped with a full-frame image sensor, enabling large format image capture with exceptional picture quality.

Our range of spherical and anamorphic Super 35 and Full Frame lenses are fully compatible with the Sony Venice 6K.


• Maximum Resolution: 6K – 6048 x 4032
• Maximum Frame Rate: 75fps in 4.6K / 120fps in 2K 16:9
• Codecs: XAVC-I, MPEG HD422, ProRes 422HQ, 422
• Codecs when AXS-R7 recorder is attached: RAW SQ, X-OCN
• Sensor Formats: Full Frame Anamorphic, Full Frame Spherical, Super 35 Anamorphic, Super 35 Spherical, Super 16
• Media: Sony SxS Memory Cards, Sony AXSM Cards (for use with AXS-R7 recorder only)
• Compatible Lens Mounts: E, LPL, PL
• Weight: 3.9 kg – camera body with PL mount

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