Sony PXW-FX9

Camcorder / Cameras

With beautiful 4K imagery, the Sony FX9 makes creative freedom possible. Capturing every detail and nuance, the shallow depth of field and gorgeous bokeh create a truly cinematic look. The Sony FX9 possesses the world’s first full-frame electronic variable ND filter, which unleashes the possibilities for shooting within a broad spectrum of lighting conditions.

With peerless ergonomics and advanced technology, the Sony FX9 is ideal for on-the-go shooting, making it many a filmmaker’s first choice camcorder for high performance usage and stunning image quality camcorder. The Sony FX9 is ideal companion camcorder for high-end documentary-making, commercials, and events.


  • Maximum Resolution: 6008 x 3168
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 60fps in 4K / 180fps in 2K
  • Codecs: XAVC Intra / Long, MPEG HD422 Format
  • Sensor Formats: Full Frame, Full Frame Anamorphic, Super-35, Super-35 Anamorphic
  • Media: XQD Cards
  • Compatible Lens Mounts: E/EF/PL
  • Weight: 2 kg (body only)

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