Bebob V98 Micro

V Lock (Sets of 6) / Batteries & Power


Maximum discharge current: 10,0A
Dimensions (W x H x D): 94 x 144 x 39mm
Weight: 0,63Kg
Fall/Drop capacity: 1.5m
Mount: V mount
Capacity: 6,6Ah; 95Wh
Voltage: 14,4v
Cells: Li-ion trimix made in Japan
Max. Discharge Current: 8,0A
Twist D-Tap: 1 (max. 2,5A)
USB-Port: 1 (5,0V; max. 1,0A)
Fuel Gauge: 5-step LED
Chargers: bebob, IDX, Sony
Charge Time: 2 hours

Virtually unbreakable, the Bebob V98 Micro V-Lock Battery is designed to survive a fall of 1.5m. Nevertheless, if it should crack, the modular concept allows any mechanical part to be replaced.

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