Angenieux Optimo Zoom 15-40mm Lens

Lenses / Spherical Zoom Lenses

The Angenieux Optimo Zoom 15-40mm is a lightweight wide angle zoom lens with superb image quality from T2.6 open aperture. This lens has the identical centre of gravity on all Optimo lightweight zoom lenses, enabling quick lens interchange. The Angenieux Optimo Zoom provides the perfect homogeneity of colour, contrast and resolution, with low distortion; no ramping, minimal breathing.


  • Zoom Ratio: 2.7x
  • Focal Length: 15-40 mm
  • Aperture: T/2.6
  • Close Focus: 2′
  • Image Coverage: S35+: 31.4 mm diagonal
  • Weight (approx.): 1.92 kg
  • Length: 186 mm
  • Front Diameter: 114 mm

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